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Abram Zhdanov
Abram Zhdanov

Shaved Ice Recipe

Shave ice is a frozen treat made by shaving a block of ice. The shaved ice is light and fluffy like snow and can be formed like a snow ball. It is then topped with sweet, colorful, flavorful snow cone syrups. There are many other toppings and fillings that can be added as well.

shaved ice recipe

You can make a homemade syrup with only three ingredients like in my snow cone syrup recipe here. Otherwise, you can purchase flavored syrups online or at your local grocery store. You can even use coffee syrups such as Torani. When I was little, we used to sprinkle kool-aid powder over snow and stir it to distribute the flavor. Here are some more topping ideas:

We found that the harder the ice the better it was for making fluffy shave ice. My family loves ice so we have a countertop ice machine that makes perfect little ice pellets. But we found that the ice was a little too soft when used directly from the ice machine. So, we put the cubes in gallon size freezer bags overnight so that they were more solid by the time we shaved it.

The Minne-SNO-da shave ice features green grass, a blue lake, with a gummy fish on top. Fill a foam cup with shaved ice. Drizzle green lemon lime syrup around the outer edge and blue raspberry syrup in the center.

Put a ball of shaved ice on top. Make a swirl of pink cotton candy syrup followed by a swirl of purple grape syrup. Top this snoball with whipped cream, cotton candy, a sprinkle of edible glitter stars, and a unicorn lollipop.

The Orange Cream flavor is reminiscent of the creamsicles of our youth. It has orange cream syrup drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. It is topped with whipped cream and a gummy orange slice. Fill a cup with shaved ice and drizzle it with orange cream syrup.

The Put A Ring On It flavor is for wedding day dreamers. It tastes like cotton candy, wedding cake with a ring on top. Fill a cup with shaved ice and drizzle purple grape syrup on one side, cake batter in the middle, and pink cotton candy syrup on the other side.

  • Shave Ice and Snoball Flavor IdeasMinne-SNO-da: blue raspberry, green lime, and a gummy fish

  • Unicorn: pink cotton candy, purple grape, whipped cream, cotton candy, silver star sprinkles, and a twisted lollipop

  • Orange Cream: orange cream syrup, sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, and an orange slice gummy

  • Shark Bite: blue raspberry, red tigers blood, and a gummy shark

  • Put A Ring On It: pink cotton candy, clear cake batter, purple grape, sprinkles, and a ring pop

  • A-BEAR-ica: red cherry, clear green apple, blue raspberry, silver star sprinkles, and gummy bears

Nutrition facts calculated with ONLY the shaved ice and snow cone syrup. Additional toppings will alter the nutrition facts.

The street vendors shaved ice and covered with fruit-flavored syrup. It was always a struggle of whether to get crema or parcha (passion fruit) piragua syrup. Most of the time, crema would win. I think it was because crema most resembles ice cream.

I will be sharing some traditional flavors and some creative flavors. But since this is the first post of the series, I thought I would start with a traditional flavor and one of my personal favorites, piragua de crema (cream shaved ice).

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Simple and delicious homemade Asian shaved ice recipe is the best for hot summer! Wanna know how to make baobing (刨冰), Chinese shaved ice dessert? Check out this shaved ice recipe and see the details in the post.

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Asian shaved ice in Chinese called baobing (刨冰). It is a dessert and very popular during hot summer. Ice shaved very fine and thin. Also, Asian shaved ice desserts have a wide variety of toppings such as sweet adzuki beans, sweet mung beans, grass jelly, tapioca balls and fruits that are in season like mangoes and strawberries.

Besides, baobing (刨冰) normally uses condensed milk, sugar water or honey instead of food coloring syrups for shaved ice. Chinese baobing or Asian shaved ice is a kind of healthier dessert with fruit and topping with sweet condensed milk instead of food coloring syrups.

In this baobing or Asian shaved ice recipe, I like to use sweet adzuki beans, grass jelly, canned lychee, mango and strawberries. Then, topped with sweet condensed milk. However, you can use other fruits you like such as kiwi, blackberry and blueberry. Some even like to add ice cream.

Enjoy this simple, delicious and cold baobing Asian shaved ice recipe! Also, check out these fresh strawberry pie, tang yuan, red bean paste sticky rice cake, mango juicy popsicles and sugar donuts recipes.

This fluffy, icy watermelon treat is the perfect way to cool down during warm summer days/evenings or end a BBQ/garden party. Plus, with the option of just ONE ingredient, this recipe also makes for a healthy summer snack too!

The basic process for making granita relies on combining the ingredients and freezing them in a large dish. The amount of agitation during the freezing process and how the semi-frozen mixture is then scraped/shaved determines the texture.

You could work yourself into a real tizzy trying to find the "best" shaved ice machine on the market. Despite having a single use (you guessed it: shaving ice), these appliances come in a variety of shapes and sizes, require different forms of ice to work, and are available for a wide range of prices. The best one for you will depend on personal preferences and needs.

For my summer treat purposes, I did not want to spend more than $80 on a shaved ice machine, and was looking for a model that could use regular ice as opposed to something more specific. I also wanted something slightly more powerful than the models that seem to be marketed to children. After some research and review perusal, I landed on the VivoHome Electric Ice Shaver, which checked all my boxes.

The VivoHome Electric Ice Shaver is slightly larger than my full-sized food processor, but not too unwieldy to lift down from a high shelf where it'll live during the off-season. And it's very straightforward to use: simply feed ice (of any size) into the chute, lower the lever, and watch dainty shaved ice collect in the bowl below.

As for what to set out for topping your cup or bowl, take inspiration from one or more shaved ice treat traditions, a number of which are listed below. Sweet syrups are common but you'll likely have to hunt them out specifically; other options you might already have on hand. Sweetened condensed milk can provide a sticky sweetness; you can make your own syrups using matcha or fruit; or opt for bittersweet Aperol or coffee-flavored Kalúa for a boozy version. You can even include fresh or preserved fruit, red beans, tapioca peals, and ice cream to serve on top or alongside.

Wherever it gets hot, people will make dessert out of ice, so the global tradition of shaved ice treats is vast and varied. Below are a few to pull inspiration from when planning your own shaved ice party.

Shave ice is a Hawaiian staple, made from shaved ice but named without the D. Softly mounded into a cup, it's drizzled with brightly colored sweet syrups and topped with things like mochi and sweetened condensed milk.

Kakigori is a Japanese shaved ice dessert, and the original inspiration for Hawaiian shave ice. The ice is piled high in a low bowl rather than a cup, and topped with sweetened syrups in flavors like matcha and strawberry. Sweetened condensed milk also features, plus spoonfuls of red beans and fresh fruit.

Pirauguas are Puerto Rican frozen treats made from ice shaved by hand off one big block. The ice is piled into a cone shape in a cup and topped with fruit-flavored syrups like guava and tamarind.

Raspados are shaved ice treats popular in Mexico and South America . They're flavored with fruit syrups, sweetened milk and cinnamon, and sometimes chili-based sauces and powders for spice.

2. Place the shaved ice into a chilled serving bowl. Top up with your choice of fruit, red bean paste, mochi. Garnish with sweetened condensed milk. (FYI: I like layering the sweetened condensed milk on top of the shaved ice as well as on top of the fruit.)

Furthermore, baobing () typically utilizes condensed milk, sugar water, or honey as sweeteners and flavorings for shaved ice rather than food coloring syrups. Instead of using artificial food coloring syrups, the fruit in Chinese baobing, also known as Asian shaved ice, is naturally sweetened with sweetened condensed milk.

On hot summer days, when the sun is beating down on your back and beads of perspiration are dripping down your forehead, there is no better way to ease yourself of the harsh heat than with a cold treat. Forget about your pistachio ice cream or green apple sorbet this time because today we are going to speak about patbingsu, a Korean shaved ice delicacy that is the ideal go-to summer treat.

Strawberry, pineapple, and blueberry are among the flavors we incorporated into ours. Unfortunately, there are no white jellos to use in our Fourth of July shaved ice creation. In an effort to avoid this, we substituted yellow, but it merely led to a reversion to the fundamental hues.

Milk, cream, condensed milk, and vanilla extract should be whisked together. Spoon the shaved ice into bowls or cups, and then top each with a generous 1/4 cup of the sugary cream mixture. Quickly dish it up. Enjoy!The whipped topping may be made a week in advance. Whenever the craving arises, we go to the fridge and get some shaved ice to top with the sweet cream.

However, at the end of every dinner that I had there, I insisted on having this shaved ice dessert. We would carefully spoon away at the sides of the tower, munching on the sweet tapioca pearls that were mixed in with the sweet beans and fine ice shards. An impossible-looking tower of ice would be brought to the table, along with four spoons.




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