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Owen Rogers
Owen Rogers

Song To Song(2017)

Hotel Saint Cecilia, a stylish boutique hotel off South Congress Avenue, served as a major set during the movie. Scenes included singer/songwriter Patti Smith and Faye (Mara) chatting at length as well as BV (Gosling) and Lykke Li playing the keyboard on the black-and-white striped terrace.

Song to Song(2017)

Though the flighty, careening, twee-punk song-raps of Lil Yachty failed to turn him into the pop star hinted at by his multiple Top 10 guest spots and his Target commercial, this love song with Diplo suggests the alternate universe where giddy, melody-frying, Biz Markie-esque caterwaul can soundtrack our biggest EDM bangers.

A Palestinian-American producer and a Caribbean-Canadian songwriter sample a collaboration between a Nineties Haitian hip-hopper and Sixties Mexican-American rock icon. A Barbadian pop star tries on her old school New York rapper shoes and a Southern trap&B upstart adds come-ons via references to Jason Voorhees and The Waterboy. An undeniable pop moment transcending region, genre, time and taste.

How Lizzo's 2017 single managed to get a 2019 nod for Song of the Year is all down to the fine print of the category, as can be seen of the official list of nominees on the Grammy website. In the Song of the Year category, it reads: "A song is eligible if it was first released or if it first achieved prominence during the Eligibility Year."

Though "Truth Hurts" was first released in 2017, the song did not chart that year, and only began to gain traction in the Billboard chart in April 2019, in a move many have put down to it appearing in the Netflix movie Someone Great and its trailer. Then, in September, it became Lizzo's first song to hit the top of the Hot 100.

The Grio offers more information about why the 2017 song is eligible for the 2020 Grammys: "'Truth Hurts,' which was released as a stand-alone single in 2017, qualifies for the 2020 Grammys because the song was never submitted for contention in the Grammys process and it appears on an album released during the eligibility period for the upcoming show.

Lizzo is far from the only artist to be nominated for a Grammy with a song that was original released out of the eligibility period. For example, Beyonce, Pharrell and John Legend are among those who have been nominated for Grammys for live versions of older songs.

"Song of the Year" was not the only nomination the singer received for the 2020 Grammys. "Truth Hurts" was also nominated was "Record of the Year," "Best Pop Solo Performance," and Cuz I Love You was nominated for "Album of the Year" and "Best Urban Contemporary Album." Lizzo was also nominated for "Best New Artist," her song "Exactly How I Feel" with Gucci Mane was tipped for "Best R&B Performance," while "Jerome" got a nom for Best Traditional R&B Performance." 041b061a72


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