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Owen Rogers
Owen Rogers

PwC Switzerland Partners Smart Contract Auditing Team ChainSecurity

The firm develops custom security solutions for blockchain projects, identifies vulnerabilities and verifies the functional correctness of smart contracts, blockchain platforms, and protocols. Previously, the ChainSecurity team discovered a vulnerability in an Ethereum upgrade, preventing a major breach in January 2019.

PwC Switzerland Partners Smart Contract Auditing Team ChainSecurity

This platform is made for the welfare of ETH launches. Their smart contract audits obliterate coding oversight done by magnificent tools and a wealth of in-house experience. The outfit boasts more than 100 companies served, such as Aava, with double that amount in eliminated threats. But auditing is far from the only thing the Consensys Diligence offers. A pair of examples include real-time bug discovery (Fuzzin) and a code translation service (Scribble).

Our next service caters to the general blockchain ecosystem as a whole, handling tests in the event of profound penetration, smart contract auditing, overall security solutions, third-party monitoring, early warning, and threat intelligence.

QuillAudits dApp is created by the QuillHash protocol auditing platform. The center of its focus is automating tools, although it does also offer manual tools. These ensure that smart contracts are valid and check whether any security vulnerabilities are present.

ZK Labs executes auditing & development for ETH-based smart contracts. The company is gracious enough to complete audits for projects at its own expense under the Community Audits Initiative. This comes at a condition that they have not nor do they intend to conduct an ICO.

The first place in our ranking list belongs to the Ukrainian leading best smart contract audit company, Hacken, which is widely known for the variety of smart contract audit services available to its clients. Some of the core solutions that the Hacken security team offer are:

The following best crypto auditing company leading the top ranking lists of smart contract auditing firms is Certik. The security firm was founded in 2018 in the joint hands of Yale University and Columbia University specialists to enhance and upgrade existing cybersecurity solutions for auditing smart contracts and projects driven by blockchain technology.

PWC Switzerland is another of the best smart contract audit company focused on auditing and security services for enhancing and testing smart contracts and decentralized finance projects. In cooperation with ChainSecurity, the firm provides extensive blockchain security services that cover all the stages of the auditing process, from the exploration phase to the audit report and post-deployment monitoring.

Chainsulting is a reputable blockchain security and development firm mainly specializing in verifying the security and integrity of smart contracts code. Other solutions that the company provides include security consulting, software development, and blockchain audits. When choosing this crypto auditing company as your audit provider, you will have access to a wide range of service sets and expert security audits. Here are some of the core ones:

Up to date, the Chainsulting team of security researchers has a proven track record and has performed blockchain and smart contract audits for such market giants and leading platforms as Solana, Algorand, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

Today, security is the most concerning topic for every project and platform. Extreme importance mixed with the unpredicted nature of blockchain technology raises the need to isolate and neutralize threats common to decentralized applications based on the blockchain terrain. Also, constant updates and modifications in the blockchain protocols challenge teams and top smart contract auditors to find new up-to-date solutions for more enhanced and comprehensive smart contract audits.

A comprehensive smart contract security audit performed by a professional team of the best smart contract auditors will help you solve numerous attacks and issues hidden in your smart contracts and business infrastructures.

Besides identifying and mitigating the existing flaws and vulnerabilities of the projects, teams also perform various automatic and manual testing to get every piece of a smart contract audited. In addition, it helps to manually review all code functions and ensure it works according to previously set conditions.

Once the smart contract audit is done, the security experts make a final report and presentation on the results of the conducted assessments. This audit report mainly includes the technical details of identifying vulnerabilities and threats, appropriate ways and approaches for resolving them, remediation options, further activity plans, and post-auditing services like monitoring, retesting, revising, etc.




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