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Abram Zhdanov
Abram Zhdanov

Change Your Skin in Game with These Amazing Mods for Minecraft

V2.0.0: Added:Both Internal texture and external layer with player skin: [Texture]Only Internal texture with player skin: [Texture]Only external layer with player skin: [Texture]

skin changer mod minecraft

How to add in your own custom skins to Minecraft EDU: 1. Go to any Minecraft custom skin creation website such as: 2. After you have made or found a skin you would like, go to the Editor Tab and then download you skin to you PC files. 3. Go to this website: -skin-mcpack-creator/

4. When you have gotten onto the website, simply upload you skin PNG file into its box, name it, then put version number as 1.0 . 5. When done press download pack, and if you have MEE running on you PC, then simply locate the finished skin pack file and clicking on it should automatically open up the mod into MEE. If not you should try and upload manually via import function. Note: If adding in multiple skins, you may have to do them separately. Please comment if you found this helpful!

1. Go to MCPEDL, (this MC Mod website is best as most of the community made mods are specifically for various versions of bedrock). 2. Find a mod, shade, texture pack, skin, map you would like and go all the way to the bottom of its description page, It should say which versions are supported. e.g. 1.14, 1.16, 1.17. 3. If the version of Minecraft you are using is like 1.14 then you an go ahead and download the mod, this should take you to an external website to continue downloading the files.

For #1, you'll just have to wait, and/or restart your game.For #2, there's nothing you can do.For #3, buy the game!For #4, you should consider playing on servers that only allow 'premium'/paid users.For #5, you should probabally log into For #6, you'll have to scale it down. Sorry :/ Unless you get the HD skins mod.For #7, go online!!! (Same goes for your brothers)For #8, you'll need to be connected to the internet in order to retrieve skins.For #9, nothing I can say apart from the generic "get better internet" or "clear off your bandwidth by downloading/uploading less (ie. Stop watching YouTube on 4K whilst others are gaming)".

Skins can take time to do the initial trickle down. We (myself and the people I play with on a daily basis) have seen it take over an hour for everyone, including the person in question, to see the updated skin (people could see my Dr Who skin about 20min and 2 relogs before I could!!! Was frustrating :)).

Make sure you can see your own name on the tab screen (press tab while in game), if this isn't the case, try to relog. Also make sure to have a stable connection to the server. You can also always try to re-upload your skin image to

Trivia Note(that should maybe be moved): It's unknown if this is on purpose or a glitch but Hair 11 (added by JRMC) will actually make the custom head texture disappear, allowing you to use a Custom Skin body(described Bellow) but keep your original Mine craft head. This appears more intentional when you take into account that their are Blank options for custom skin nose and mouth type, though seems less intentional since their is no Blank option for custom Skin Eye type

The Skin toggle lets you decide between using your original mine craft skin, or using more options of the character creator to further customize your character. It has two options Custom Skin, and Default skin.

If you choose Default skin it will lay your Mine craft skin(or Steve/the Family C female mode texture or Alex if you haven't setup a skin yet) over your current selections(I.E. all the option above this one).

If you choose Custom Skin it will lay textures from the Character Creator over you default mine craft skin to further customize your character (I.E. All the options bellow this one). With the exception of using Hair 11(see Trivia Note, in the Hair option section above)

The preset options are accessed by clicking on the arrows on either side of the Skin Color Selector(Under Body type Selector, Above Nose Shape Selector). They hold 7 preset options designed to look like Natural skin tones.

The color table and Brightness slider is assessed by clicking on the colored box in the Skin Color Selector. This allows you to change you characters skin color to something more specific, or outlandish.

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Currently, there are dozens of ways to get banned in-game, including using skin changers/swappers.




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