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Owen Rogers
Owen Rogers

Beard Oil Where To Buy

First of all, love the new packaging and price! The quality of the oil is just as great as the previous version of the oil - hell, it might even be better! Tree Ranger is a great scent profile - it doesn't stick around long but I don't mind that at all! Bold Fortune is probably the best beard oil scent I've ever used from any beard company - such a nice, manly scent! I have to force myself to use other scent profiles because I just love using it so much.

beard oil where to buy

The oil is in the Goldilocks zone of thickness and feels and smells amazing in my beard. I cut my own hair and grew the front out a bit with a classic fade(using ear taper guides) and the oil adds a little hold and separation and really makes it pop.

After using so many beard oils mad or available in Australia and never finding the 'right' one I found my local online supplier Beard & Blade was stocking a full range of Beardbrand products including the new Old Money Utility Oil. Bought it, love it, am finally happy with a product that can soften, condition and nourish my beard as well as having a fantastic scent. Looking forward to trying the rest of the Old Money range!

After a long time, I gave myself the treat of getting your products(utility beard wash, mustache wax and beard oil), I'm very pleased with the quality, fragrance. I'm so happy. Thanks again for making a great product and youtube channel, keep on growing.

Always bought and used everything Tree Ranger, love it, great product, great packaging. Bold Fortune came along and hasnt replaced my Tree Ranger collection, but the oil has taken over as my favorite daily go to scent. Love the smell it leaves on beard brush. Please make this a staple scent, not because we want it, because we need it!

If you are vision-impaired or have any impairment covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to using this website, please contact us at 844-662-3273 ext 0 or email us at

Beard conditioning oil does a lot for the health of your facial hair. It lubricates the hair, moisturizes the skin and helps keep your face healthy and primed for growing a beard. Scented oil also gives your face a pleasant smell that will appeal to both you and others. It also alleviates beard itch, controls beard dandruff, and prevents hair breakage. To learn more, read our article that details what beard oil is used for.

You can use beard oil and beard balm separately or together, depending on personal preference. The main difference is that beard balm offers a stronger hold to help you style your facial hair, while natural beard oil simply conditions, moisturizes and softens your hair and skin. Balm has the same benefits; it's just a thicker product that helps shape and control your beard, which is particularly helpful if it's longer. For the maximum benefits, we recommend using beard oil and balm together, applying the oil first, then finishing with the balm for the styling portion of your daily care routine.

Beard Octane Beard Oil helps eliminate unwanted beard itch and dry flaky skin, while promoting healthier beard growth. Keep that chin curtain looking & feeling like a million bucks! Want more details about our scent options? Check out our list.

I've tried other products I think yours are the best I just got the mint smelling beard oil great at the end of the month I plan to order more I'd like to know what other growth oils you guys have which one's the best thank you

Original beard oil is a classic, an old friend that can be trusted. Leaves my beard fresh and soft. I wash my beard in the middle of the day, leave it damp and put several drops of beard oil on. It's a routine I can not do without. Use it, you'll love it.

Taking that special someone out for a night on the town? Datenite beard oil is perfect for a dapper and debonair feel. Inspired by cool water cologne, its crisp, clean scent will turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary night.

All the earthy pine elements of the deep dense forest are captured in this bottle. If you love an adventure in the forest the way we do, you'll love the fresh, crisp, effervescent scent of fir needle drifting in your beard.

Double up on the refreshing scent of the great outdoors and transform your bushy bristles into a brilliantly bold beard. Lumberjack is a warm and satisfying blend of cedar and fir needle essential oils to forge a fresh cut timber.

Looking to add a little more sophistication to your daily routine? Sandalwood is designed for the refined gentleman. Entry level beardsmen, be warned. Our sandalwood beard oil is deep and sensual with bold notes of spiced hardwoods enhanced with a touch of tonka bean (the more cultured cousin of vanilla).

Beard oil: For an optimum experience, shake well before using. Add 2-3 drops of this luscious beard oil to fingertips and massage thinly and evenly throughout beard hair. Also works like magic for moustache hair and the tender skin under your beard. Stand back and admire the view.

What do you give the guy who has everything (including a fantastic beard)? Look no further! Our Simply Great Gift Set makes for the perfect gift for any occasion. Your favorite guy is sure to fall in love with this beard-lovin' gift set.

With no added fragrances, your beard will look and smell great, the natural way. Our unique blend of essential oils will wake you up, and have you feeling cool, refreshed, and sophisticated each day. Your beard deserves a little dose of extra love, and Bae's Beard Oil has got you Before Anything Else.

In the business, we translate care by different forms of grooming. From shaping, trimming or shaving, to combing and applying beard-care products, these are all steps which have to be considered in order to attain that majestic facial hair.

Used properly, beard oil serves aesthetic and functional purposes. Depending on the mix of oils it contains, it smells delicious, giving you that irresistible scent and it also nourishes and gives a slick look to your precious facial hair.

Coconut oil seems to be the new black in both the cosmetic industry and in the alternative medicine one. It has both healing and nourishing effects. It is for this reason that it is a big star when it comes to beard care products as well.

Native Americans used to apply it to treat sores and burns. Nowadays, it has been revived and it is used as a secret powerful ingredient to treat acne, chapped skin and sunburns. No wonder it plays such an important role in beard care.

With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is highly appreciated for its hydration and moisturising properties. It is ideal to give your beard a natural shine and a healthy boost.

These are the Brad Pitts of carrier oils. Bare in mind that the list is non-exhaustive. There are plenty of other precious carrier oils out there that have great effects on your beard. The proper combination can have magic effects!

Carrier oils and essential oils are key components in any beard care product, but of course, the percentages differ. And if you add some extra ingredients in the mix, you might obtain a whole new product.

As explained above, beard oil is a combination of powerful oils, that if properly balanced, will give you that extra manliness that your are looking for and will make your beard as smashing as all beards should be.

Depending on the answers to these questions, you will have to go for a specific carrier or the other. Because, remember, it is the carrier oils that do the job. The essential oils are there to give your beard a manly, hot-stuff smell and provide some extra nutrients.

These would be our top favourite oils when going shopping for beard oils. However, our wisdom should not replace your research, not only in terms of composition, but also in terms of regulatory requirements.

This is essentially important for companies producing products in the European Union. You might be surprised to know that the vast majority of beard oil producers don't have their products registered.

For us, depending on the length of your beard, 3 to 10 drops of beard oil should be enough to properly moisturise your beard. The sensation after application, should be of a soft, hydrated beard, slick, smooth and with a discreet clean scent. 041b061a72


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