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Owen Rogers
Owen Rogers

Gopnik Hard Bass: How to Dress, Dance, and Party Like a True Slav

Gopniks are often seen wearing Adidas or Puma tracksuits, which were popularized by the 1980 Moscow Olympics Soviet team.[9][10] Sunflower seeds (colloquially semki [семки] or semechki [семечки]) are habitually eaten by gopniks, especially in Ukraine and Russia.[10]

gopnik hard bass

The subculture is stereotypically associated with Russian chanson music, specifically the blatnaya pesnya subgenre. Since the mid-2010s, gopniks have been associated with hardbass music in internet memes and viral videos.[11][12]

Some gopniks have Russian nationalism or Pan-Slavism as their primary political views,[13] though there are also leftist, far-right and even neo-Nazi gopnik communities. In Russia, some gopniks hold strong anti-Western views and support the Putin administration.[3]

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Gopnik McBlyat is a Hardbass producer from Lubin. On stage, he always wears a three-striped tracksuit and a black mask with three stripes. He became popular when his tracks were being used by a YouTuber named Life of Boris and that made his EP "Snakes in Tracksuits" popular.Gopnik McBlyatOriginPolandGenresHardbass, HardcoreLogo

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You have most likely seen it, at least in a video. A couple of men and occasionally women dressed in tracksuits, their faces often covered with masks or balaclavas, gather in a circle and move their bodies (or sometimes just their heads) to very loud and primitive music with distinctive basslines and a fast tempo. The whole picture is picturesque as hell.

Forget about ballet. In the 2010s, it was a uniquely Russian form of music called hard bass that conquered the world. But before this, it found its way to the hearts and ears of thousands of Russian people. In a very strange way.

As often happens in Russia, people took something foreign and then Russified it all the way to the bitter end. Hard bass traces its roots back to pumping house, a Western-born genre of techno with a speedy tempo and rhythmic bass section (Klubbheads are a good example of pumping house). But then it ran into some serious Russian culture phenomena.

Nevertheless, hard bass is, as a general rule, not about politics. It helped Russia draw attention from the West, albeit in a strange way. Numerous Youtube bloggers now mimic the Russian accent and explain how to behave like a true Russian patsan (a more respectful term that gopniks use to describe each other) by squatting, consuming sunflower seeds, wearing Adidas tracksuits and, of course, dancing to some high-quality hard bass. Just remember that this all started out as a parody.

If you want to know more about the world of Russian gopniks (not exactly a Wonderland, but still), read our article on the story of tracksuits. And if you're already hardbassed like hell and can't take it anymore, rest your eyes on something more classic, like contemporary ballet.

Those into Gopnik are likely to listen to hardbass. Hardbass is an electronics genre that utilizes bass, as it's name suggest. This includes powerful kick drums and heavy synthesizer work. Since it's region is that of Russia and other Slavic countries, the lyrics will often be in Russian or of similar languages. Most famous of the existing hardbass songs include "Cheeki Breeki" and "Tri Poloski (Three Stripes)."

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